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Get ready for Puchicon!

Prepare yourself for Puchicon, an all ages two-day festival dedicated to the celebration of anime and gaming! Embracing a strong emphasis on inclusivity, kindness, and the promotion of mental and physical well-being, we cordially invite you to indulge in a weekend of fandom alongside like-minded enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in a plethora of captivating activities, including engaging interactions with renowned voice actors, impressive cosplay displays, exhilarating gaming experiences, captivating karaoke sessions, enthralling screenings of beloved shows, and enlightening panel discussions on various topics of interest. Puchicon offers a diverse range of entertainment options to cater to your every preference and passion.

Puchicon Poconos
Oct 21-22 2023

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Puchicon Teaneck
March 02-03 2024



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Feel free to contact us with any Puchicon questions using the form below.

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-First local convention I've attended. Love the fact it was a cozy atmosphere and I made new friends and had my first ever panel. The vendors were

cool too. Will deff attend again!


-Me and my boyfriend had a great time at this event! They had music, anime, video games, vendors, and lots of friendly people and staff!


-I learned more and had more fun at your panel on voice acting than an actual class I paid foron the matter.Also, the cosplay was excellent and J Music Ensemble rocked the house. Well done on your first con and thanks for the good times. It was definitely the most enjoyable one I've been to in awhile.


-Great comic con cant wait for next year when it's back in Atlantic City I had such a blast making new friends. Wonderfully put together 100 percent well done everyone was fun and great.


-At the moment its a smaller con that is growing. If you're new to vending or artist alley this is a great starting point to learn how to promote your work. The staff is very respectful and helpful.


-loved the cosplay and vendors. lots to look at and multiple events occurring. definitely returning with my friends

-As a vendor at this event it was awesome! As a self-published author to be able to have this kind flow to sell my book was amazing! I did so well thanks to this opportunity I look forward to working with you again!


-Really fun con with a caring group of volunteers and owners. The vendors were outstanding and the community was quite welcoming. Looking forward to participating in their future cons.


-I am just trying out cosplay and decided this would be a good small event for a test drive. I had a great time, the entertainment was really great and everyone was very kind. Recommend.

Update 3/10/20 I went to the second edition as well, and it was even better than the first one. Saturday was really well attended and there was a great mix of people. The panels were interesting and covered a broad group of topics. I think they might need a second panel room next year as they did lose sometime switching setups between things. Sunday was smaller, but also a shorter day. I liked that there was a photographer wandering offering to take cosplay pix, too. I think this con will end up being a regular thing for me. Still very much recommend!


-This was my first con as a new cosplayer and I found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming. There’s always a good mix of panels and performances, including a maid cafe. I’m glad this was my intro to cons.


-Fantastic!!! Looking for a family fun event, check Puchicon out. Local, affordable, friendly, safe and really welcoming to all type. We are a cosplay wearing, anime loving family with two shy teens that have really missed out on a lot of socializing during covid. March 2021 was their first Puchicon and we just loved every second. We participated again in Dec for the Holiday Pop-up, can't wait for more events! Highly recommend!!!


-Super cute, fun con! Yes it’s smaller but the smaller size can be great especially for newer cosplayers and those who wanna make friends. The chill, laid back, yet fun atmosphere is really great.

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