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About   Puchi Con!

 Puchicon started in 2019, is run by a Latina mom and wife with ADHD. Our mascot is her now 8 year old daughter you see in the logo,  and most of our art, a budding artist with an explosive personality! You can feel a lot of her energy and her mom's throughout the con!


Our goal is to help our communities through economic, health and discriminatory setbacks with educational and fun anime, gaming, cosplay, art and mental/physical health panels, activities and support.  Our events help relieve stress and anxiety in a loving, welcoming and safe atmosphere.

We wanted to make an amazing anime, gaming and comic convention that is by the same cosplayers, gamers, nerds and otaku of all ages, genders, races and shapes that go to conventions. We know what is lacking and what we love and we have 10 years of experience planning anime, gaming  and karaoke events to prove that.

We really want to make a difference in the world and make it a better place especially for those that struggle or have struggled economically or with mental health or social prejudices. 

We want to help as much as we can to serve the communities  in entreupenurship endeavors, mentorship and guidance as well and inspire them to a career path they are truly passionate about and excel in. A conventional 9-5 or college education is not feasible for all due to financial, mental health reasons or preference.

So please join us and help make each event sugoi with your presence!  We cannot wait to meet you and have you apart of our Puchi Family! Let us all grow together, whether this is your first con or your 50th! No matter what size we get we will always be that small con with the big named voice actors, panels, activities and heart.


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