About   Puchi Con!

PuchiCon aka as Petite Con was created by a necessity of making cons fun and safe again!


Have you ever gone to a con and the most that you do is go to the vendor aisle and that is when the vendors are outstanding?!


We wanted to make an amazing anime convention that is by the same cosplayers, gamers, and otaku that go to conventions, that know what is lacking and one that has 7 years planning anime, gaming, maid café, and karaoke events, We wanted it to be a safe, happy and all inclusive environment for all ages, genders, orientations and races.


We wanted it to excite kids and the kids at heart.


We wanted it to have panels and screenings, that you actually wanted to see, performances you actually want to experience and most of all the same intimacy that we bring to our Perez Play events, along with the friendships it will create!


Also, we wanted to create an ease to get into panels and out of them!


Run by Jennifer Perez, a once teacher, an Afro-Cuban & Russian mother of our mascot, the artistic and brilliant Sena, wife and marketing professional. Also, a woman with superhero ADHD super  powers, with a sprinkle of anxiety, she makes sure there is a strong focus on mental & physical health, along with caring for oneself and one another.


So please join us and help make it sugoi with your presence!  We cannot wait to meet you and have you apart of our Puchi Family!




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