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About Puchicon

Puchicon is an anime, gaming, and comics convention with a strong focus on mental health and inclusivity, celebrating the culture of fantasy, animation, deok-hu, gaming and beyond. Puchicon will be holding its next convention in 2025 in the Tri-State area!

Puchicon offers a multitude of affordable advertising and sponsorship opportunities available to you and your business. At our Teaneck, NJ Pop-ups this year and beyond, PuchiCon will be bringing in more than 1,500 people to the Tri-state area, many of which will be staying all weekend and will be looking for places to eat, to drink, and to shop.  By advertising on our website, social media, newsletter or at the venue, you will be putting yourself front and center for all our attendees to see.  With nearly 18,000 email subscribers, 5,000 likes on Facebook, 7,000 likes on Instagram, and up to 9,000 website visitors a month, your company will see plenty of traffic not only at the convention but also throughout the year.

We are currently seeking advertisers for Puchicon. There are a multitude of advertising spots available, both physical and online.

Show Your Badge Discount!

Available to all local businesses, advertise with us throughout the convention, on our website, and on our social media by being a local Show Your Badge Discount Partner! Offer a discount of some sorts to Puchicon attendees throughout the weekend and you will get premiere advertising space on site – for free!

Bag Inserts

VIP Attendees will receive a VIP bag  upon registration. The inserts will be provided by the advertiser. 

Insert Provided By Advertiser:
Up to 10o VIP bags – $100.00

Insert Printed By PuchiCon

Online Sponsor

Your ad will appear on the PuchiCon homepage. Your ad will appear in the order they were received. The banner can be 250×250 in a JPG or GIF format.

Website Logo:
Until Event End – $100

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Scheduled Event Sponsor – $250
From cosplay events to musical concerts, we can brand one of our events for your sponsorship. One stage mention with your company as well as displaying your logo on stage projector screens before and after the event and in our booklet.

Badge Sponsor – $500
Upon entry, every attendee is given a badge that they will wear throughout the event and often keep as a collectible.  Have your logo featured on the back of each attendee’s badge where it will be seen by everyone throughout the weekend.

Advertiser Banner – $60
Have your logo featured on its own Advertiser Banner, which will be displayed in the atrium of the front lobby of the venue all weekend long. This high visibility area is great for getting your business recognized! All banners are printed by PuchiCon in full color. Banners will measure 3ft x 3ft (larger banners are available by request, but will come at an increased cost).

Show Your Badge Discount Partner – FREE
Become a partner in our Show Your Badge discount program and offer a discount to attendees that show their badge at the point of purchase during the convention weekend.  Your information, location, and discount will be featured in the program booklets and on the website.  Restricted to local businesses only.


Premier Sponsor – $650
1 Promotional Table at the Con
6 Complimentary Weekend Badges
Self-Provided VIP Bag Inserts (Up to 100)
Logo Shown on Website until Event Ends
Logo Featured Prominently on Advertiser Banner

VIP Sponsor    $300
1 Promotional Table at the Con
4 Complimentary Weekend Badges
Logo Featured Prominently on Advertiser Banner

Need Help with Your Design?

Don’t have an ad? Want a new fresh look? We offer design services at competitive rates. Please email us for a quote and to arrange further consultation.




Reach out to our advertising team via, we can curate and tailor a special package just for you!

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