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@Everyone 🎄💕 We are excited to announce @milkpinkmaidcafe will be having a booth at the our Puchi Pop-Up Holiday Event 12/18~ #teanecknj


Come visit their table and meet their maids~! 💖💕

Come also see @encoreshowtime & @luminousjcstorm wrestle @nebkheperudjehuti do his Japanimaniacs panel, sing #karaoke, watch #Sakamoto anime screening, play anime game show & more! And our #switch, #mha & #demonslayer, #raffles & get a free raffle by bring a toy for our #toydrive & more!

    Jennifer Perez

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    #CyberMonday starts now!

    50% Off bogo on all #puchicon events, all tickets! Extended! Plus free entry to pop-up with reduced combo Camelback & Teaneck entry tickets & artist & vendor tickets!Plus free gifts! Limited quantities! Don’t teleport ! Time travel now!🍌

    🎟 @Everyone




  • Jennifer Perez

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    Jennifer Perez
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    @Everyone Here is the PA schedule! We have some cosplay meetups up also!

    PA Schedule | Puchicon

    You can submit a meetup until this Friday the at 12pm!

    Someone mentioned lack there or being a mha one!

    Also would any of you want to do any swimwuit meetups at pre party?I I am going to be inosuke prob lol

  • Brianna Pipitone
    Jennifer Perez

    PuchiCon Camelback 2023 schedule is live! Don't forget to take a look and start planning out your weekend with our jam-packed lineup of special guests, concerts, cosplay meetups, amazing panels, events, and more!!

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