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Hello fellow humans 😄 My daughter and I are super excited to attend the event in Teaneck. Are there any VIP tickets available? Also, for the sake of my sanity, which site is the best for up to the minute info and socializing? discord? this app? the event app once we have tickets/hotel reservations? Tysm for your feedback.

My daughter never stopped playing “pretend” or dressing up... so neither did I, lol. As homeschoolers this easily led to cosplaying and RPG. She is a natural, looking to learn how to take her passion to the next level. She started cosplaying Anna or Elsa from Frozen and various Monster High characters from the age of 3 until discovering anime with My Hero Academia at age 7. Now, as a tween, she has a cosplay room for all her cosplays and participates in RPG’s through Outschool classes and with friends online. She loves The Promised Neverland, Demon Slayer, Danganronpa and DDLC (she’s also an avid gamer). We both attended our first convention at Fan Expo in Philadelphia earlier this month. Your event is an amazing follow up to that because she absolutely LOVED it!! You’re offering so much!!! Not only can she network and meet other people who share her passion (any other homeschoolers?), she can learn so much more about cosplaying, attending conventions, starting out on the right foot with a social media presence AND have an overall amazing experience!

Love the panels at the camelback event!! Unfortunately, I just found out about this and can’t make it to that one. Cosplaying with confidence and a panel on mental health both sound so relevant to ALL cosplayers, especially those just starting out on social media, today, given the algorithms known to encourage an almost addictive use. It’s great to have discussion about HOW to use social media as a helpful tool without being consumed by it. I’m hoping to see similar panels plus so much more in Teaneck! Again, tysm!!

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