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✨💕Want to know the difference between a #convention & a #popup? I got chu! Check this handy chart! #Puchicon specifically! By the way, we will be taking a small pause from #popupshop events due to the #omicron variant, to avoid burnout and to focus more on our upcoming #animeconventions! See you soon hopefully in May in #PA & #Teaneck #NJ in August! Stay safe, stay strong & sane! We got this, we are stronger and are best together, #otaku, #nerds, #anime lovers unite! Love and appreciate you guys! Love, kindness, acceptance and understanding always! Thanks for your support & feedback, helps us grow more than you know!💕✨Zuto, Jen


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  • 2 Mar Sat | 'Puchicon Teaneck '

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