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Jennifer Perez
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@Everyone Free exclusive to Puchicon Pre-party is at aquatopia at main lodge. Line up 9pm infront of Aquatopia. You’ll be given a wristband. You can get your con badge as well tonight if you’re going. Only badge holders allowed to attend per party. Lloyd Floyd Swimup Comedy panel is now tonite at Oasis 21+ swimup bar in Aquatopia! 11pm! Rest of schedule below!

Aquatopia-Main Lodge

9:00-9:3pm- Register for Pre-Party outside Aquatopia and get tour Puchicon badge and Aquatopia wristband!

9:30-10:30pm-Mountain Mayhem and Constrictor Slides open for all ages. All ages!

9:30-11:30am Oasis 21+ swimup-bar & cash bar

9:30pm-11:30pm Flowrider open to all ages!

*minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times


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