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I havent been to an anime con before so I may have gotten a bit too hype 😂😂 even got some Zenitsu nails to get ready. I'm gonna cosplay Kakegurui (if I get it sewn together in time 😬) and I cant wait to meet others going as well!

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I’m Jen, Puchicon Ceo and creator! I’m a huge weaboo, koreaboo that loves planning events, having fun and being silly. I also have a tinge of adhd and anxiety, but I’m super loveable and caring. Hope you guys enjoy this con, I wish I could attend every panel and event! If you see me please say haiiii! I’ll probably bow. I been geeking out at cons since 06 and wanted to share those experiences and enhance yours with some of my ideas with making it uber fun, safe and intimate for you all! Hope you can call this home for years to come! Oh yea the lil one is my daughter Sena, the mascot, little artist and a minime! Thanks so much for your love and support!

Jackie A Rossi
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