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Thank you for your consideration in wanting to join us in giving back your time, charm, and creativity to our Puchi community.


Experience what it takes and feels like to work behind the scenes at a convention you love to attend! As we are growing, so can you through this exciting engagement. Click on the button below to complete a volunteer application.


Please read ALL the information before submitting your application. The application process will have two phases: Application form & Group Interview. You must complete BOTH phases in order to be considered for the positions. We look forward to getting to know you!

Puchicon voulenteers

Volunteer FAQ

Got a Question? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding volunteering at Puchicon. Please review them and if your question still isn't answered, feel free to ask us.

Why does Puchicon need volunteers?

Puchicon started and still remains a small ("Puchi") Convention, which takes the dedication, support, and love from each and every person who volunteers to keep it running. We also appreciate and value our volunteers' creative and unique ideas and actions that help us have a successful event. Each volunteer and growing staff position are made up of each Convention from our previous volunteers.

What do Volunteers do?

Volunteers function as support to Puchicon Staff. Here are some of the duties Volunteers are responsible for (more can be selected from the Volunteer Application)?

*Assembling convention materials (guidebooks, lanyards, decorations, etc.)
*Assisting with panel and event needs
*Delivering various items to departments (badges, signage, etc.)
*Helping with various tasks that require extra hands to ensure the convention runs smoothly

How old must I be to Volunteer?

All Volunteers must be 18 + years of age by the time of the Convention dates. All Volunteers must pre-register by completing a Volunteer application.

How do I Sign up?

Sign up to be Volunteer through our online application.

  • Volunteers must have a valid mailing address.

  • If you apply online and your application is accepted, you will receive a welcome email to join us for the Phase Two: Group Interview process. This will be conducted online only. You must be available to attend the Group Interview. If you need to reschedule, please send us an email to consider you for a future Group Interview. If you miss the appointed Group Interview without reaching out to us, we will, unfortunately, have to omit your Volunteer Application. Let's respect everyone's time and commitment.

  • Fill out ALL of the Volunteer Application questions, and the positions you prefer. Please note not everyone will get the position they signed up for, the list outlines what you could possibly be doing.

  • Volunteer shift schedules will be made available a couple of weeks before the convention.

  • After arriving at the Convention location, check-in and let us know you’ve arrived.

  • All Staff and Volunteers must attend an orientation meeting. Two will be offered during the convention, one held Friday Evening, and one held Saturday Morning.

    • You must attend at least ONE of these orientations before starting your Volunteer shifts.

What are the perks & benefits for volunteering?

Puchicon is currently offering the following perks/benefits for all Volunteers & Staff, based on the number of hours of volunteer service (subject to change):

*Full Access to Convention Weekend
* Lodging
*Puchicon Staff Badge & Shirt

What is not provided?

A bad time!

Can we Carpool?

Volunteers and Staff are allowed to carpool to and from the convention, HOWEVER, Puchicon does not provide carpooling services or facilitate them. Volunteers and Staff can carpool at their own discretion. Puchicon is not liable in any way for carpooling exchanges between volunteers and staff.

If carpooling is not an option for you, there are other methods of transportation publicly available - from Public transportation, Charter Bus Services, Rental Cars, Taxi, and transport companies. Again, these options are suggestions, and not affiliated or endorsed by Puchicon.

Can I sell stuff at the Convention while being a Volunteer?

Unfortunately, Volunteers/Interns & Staff must commit to volunteering their time to meet the roles & responsibilities in order to support the functioning of the Convention. If you wish to sell, you must apply to be a vendor/artist and secure a table using conventional methods. However, this will forfeit your ability to volunteer at the same time during the same Convention.

Is outside food & beverage permitted?

According to current venue policy, Guests are free to enjoy outside food & beverage in their guest rooms. Outside food & beverage is not permitted inside hotel premises. Restaurant and concession seating areas are for hotel and/or resort Food and Beverage use only. Outside food and beverage, pizza parties, or small group gatherings, are not permitted in these areas.

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