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Our Team & Our Cause

Puchicon is led by a highly experienced individual, a Latina otaku mom, former educator, and wife with ADHD, Jen. She has been actively involved in the convention circuit since 2006, engaging in cosplaying since 2004, watching anime since 2000, and playing games since the Atari 64 era.


Furthermore, she possesses an extensive background in marketing, sales, tradeshows, and event planning spanning over 15 years, having worked with renowned companies such as Samsung, LG, FLIR, Resolution Games, and ENTG.

Further enriching our team is Monica, our esteemed Guest Director, whose talents extend beyond event coordination to include a notable prowess as a karaoke performer.


 We also have the force to be reckoned with, RxSuperstar as our ambassador!


Additionally, we are privileged to count Nicole among our ranks, whose adept management of our social media presence is complemented by her notable accomplishments as both a mermaid performer and a globally recognized opera singer.


We are fortunate to have Jesse, our dedicated veteran staffer and Floor Manager, whose unwavering commitment to our cause sees them traversing great distances to provide invaluable support wherever needed.


And last, but certainly not least, our newly added Vendor & Grants manager Barb with an extensive career in events for major cons and vendor management!

Our primary objective is to support our communities in overcoming economic hardships, health-related challenges, and discriminatory setbacks by offering educational and enjoyable panels, activities, and support focused on anime, gaming, cosplay, art, and mental/physical well-being.


Through our events, we strive to create a loving, welcoming, and warm environment that alleviates stress and anxiety. Our vision was to establish an extraordinary anime, gaming, and comic convention organized by individuals who are themselves avid cosplayers, gamers, nerds, and otaku representing all age groups, genders, races, and body types.


Drawing from our firsthand experiences and a decade of planning anime, gaming, and karaoke events, we possess deep insight into what is lacking and what we cherish in conventions. Our genuine aspiration is to make a positive impact on the world, particularly for those who have faced or continue to face economic struggles, mental health issues, or social prejudices.


In addition to providing relief through our events, we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial pursuits, mentorship, and guidance within our communities, inspiring individuals to pursue career paths that align with their true passions and where they can excel. We recognize that a conventional 9-to-5 job or a college education may not be feasible for everyone due to financial limitations, mental health considerations, or personal preferences. Therefore, we cordially invite you to join us in making each event truly exceptional with your presence.


We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you and welcome you as a valued member of our Puchi Family. Let us embark on a journey of collective growth, whether this is your inaugural convention or your fiftieth! Irrespective of our size, we will forever remain a convention with a profound impact, offering notable voice actors, engaging panels, diverse activities, and an unwavering dedication to our cause.

About Puchicon

Established in 2019 with up to 1.5k attendees, Puchi Con, also known as Petite Con, arose from the imperative need to foster a sense of camaraderie and forge new connections among passionate enthusiasts. Our primary objective was to orchestrate an extraordinary convention that is meticulously organized and managed by devoted fans themselves. By upholding an unwavering commitment to safety, joy, and inclusivity, we have created an environment that welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, orientations, and ethnic backgrounds. At Puchi Con, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere that embraces diversity and unity, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.


 We know what's most important to you! The location, the price, the panels, the vendors & artists and most importantly having fun and making lifelong friends and memories! We have several years running cons and are otaku, neurodivergent, every creed, size, age & orientation, just like you! We will connect all generations from A to Z and all in between. Being educators, we bring attention to mental health, kindness and inclusivity in a welcoming and loving atmosphere. We know the climate of con and cosplay culture has changed and we are here to set things right! 

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