Covid Policy FAQ

Covid Procedure & Protocol: 

As a reminder, we ask that all Puchicon Convention-goers wear a mask at all times, especially in the Convention Area. We will issue a verbal warning. If an individual continues to not adhere to the mask requirement, we will have Puchicon Security remove you from the Convention Area, and possibly be banned from future Puchicon Convention and Events.

What happens if I test positive before the Convention?

*If an attendee or panelists tests positive within three weeks or less prior to the convention date they are attending, unfortunately they will be unable to attend, and we will not be able to offer a refund.


*We well however roll over your ticket, table, and/or panel appearance to the following next scheduled Puchicon Convention. You have until the start time of the expected convention date you were planning to attend to contact Puchicon; failure to do so will forfeit your ability to roll over your ticket, table, or panel. Roll overs are only allowed for the NEXT scheduled convention, so the deadline to use your roll over ticket, table, or panel submission will expire after the next scheduled Convention date.

*Please email Puchicon asap on this matter, and if you have any additional questions.

Are masks required?

Puchicon will follow the state and CDC guidelines regarding masking and face coverings. Mask will be a requirement for all in attendance ages 2 and up, regardless of vaccination status - which includes all attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, panelists, vendors & artists,

All attending and working the convention in any way will be reminded of wearing masks by convention staff and/or volunteers.

Where can I get more information about Covid Guidelines for the Convention?

Covid Guidelines & Regulations can be viewed in more details and specifics by clicking on the links above for the Convention you wish to attend or inquire,

What Masks & Face Coverings are allowed?

*All masks should be able to fully cover the nose and mouth and be secure against your face.

*Cosplay masks are allowed, as long as they cover the nose and mouth, and can be secured against your face.

*For more information and Your Guide to Masks, go to the CDC Webpage.

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