Puchicon Conventions for 2022 are taking place in two locations:

Puchicon PA! on May 14 & 15th at Camelback Mountain Resort in Tannersville, PA

Puchicon Teaneck! on August 6th & 7th at the Marriot Glennpointe in Teaneck, NJ

We are currently offering the following Vendor & Artists badges (see ticket listing page for pricing):

*Combo Weekend Vendor Badge  & Table for both Camelback & Teaneck

*Combo Weekend Artist Badge & Table for both Camelback & Teaneck

*Regular Weekend Artist Alley Badge & Table

*Regular Weekend Vendor Badge & Table

Read all before sumitting

Please read all information carefully before submitting. Only those who have a completed vendor form and made payment in full will be accepted. Only one application per vendor/artist. At this time, table sharing between Vendors and Artists is not allowed to adhere to venues' social distancing recommendations.

*All vendors will pay a non-refundable table fee by going to www.puchicon.com; selecting tickets; and purchasing "vendor tickets."

*Dimensions: Tables are 6’ (feet) x 30 and each vendor ticket is for one (1) vendor and two (2) tickets for yourself and another vendor helper only (Additional tickets can be purchased if required under "tickets" and purchasing "general admission"). We are limiting the number of individuals per vendor/artist table to reduce the number of individuals in each tablespace in order to maintain the health and safety of vendors and guests. Two (2) chairs are provided per 6' -foot table. You are not allowed to bring your own tables. Table Cloths may or may not be provided depending on the venue. Be prepared to bring your own as backup.


Vendor Hall/Artist Alley Selection Process

Artists & Vendor selections are curated by our Vendor & Artist Manager, followed by an agreement between Puchicon Staff. Our goal is to spotlight and match the current trends of our Puchi demographic. All available dates are listed and available until completely full. To receive all benefits of the Puchicon events your application must be approved prior. You will be notified of your application status within 5-7 business days of your submitted application. If you have not heard back after the 7th business day, please email puchianimecon@gmail.com - we appreciate your patience.


Bootleg/Stolen Policy

*The buying and selling of counterfeit/knock-off/stolen/unlicensed materials is not tolerated at Puchicon events and pop-ups. Puchicon is in appreciation and supportive of small businesses and independent artist that create the best of pop culture, and bootlegs have no place in the Show. Violation of this rule will result in one and only one warning. A second violation and you'll be removed from the event by convention security and banned from participation in future Puchicon events and pop-ups. Puchicon takes this serious, and as such will be conducting their own background checks and investigations if necessary.


Sales Policy

*All sales and sale agreements of vendor/artists goods and items are between the vendor and the buyer exclusively; Puchicon is not responsible for any sale disputes between buyer and seller before, during, and after the sale exchange.

*PuchiCon is not responsible for sales or lack thereof at their events. Submitting an Application means you agree to take on the risk of vending and that you cannot request refunds on the basis of lack of sales after the event has concluded.


Refund Policy

*There are no refunds offered for unused or canceled spaces. In the event that an artist or vendor is unable to attend due to issues beyond their control (ie: Covid exposure, Death of a family member, Sudden Emergency, all on a case-by-case basis), spaces may be rolled over to a future Puchicon Convention or Event.

*Vendor & Artists are expected to be ready for sales at least one (1) hour before the scheduled opening hours of the Vendor Hall & Artist Alley. Vendors and Artists are required to remain open for sales during all scheduled Vendor Hall & Artist Alley hours; closing down or tearing down before the hall closes is prohibited. Every attendee deserves full convention access and experience, even those who arrive on Sunday afternoon for the last hour of the Vendor Hall remaining opening hours. Puchicon appreciates you joining us, and we want all who attend to get to know our vendors & artists who cater their shops to their liking.


*No-shows who do not contact Puchicon before the Vendor & Artist Alley halls open will not be refunded or rolled over. Let's respect each other's time and commitment.

*COVID-19 notice: Available dates on the form are scheduled to continue as planned. Our vendors will be the first to be notified if local authorities or significant increases in COVID-19 cases require the cancellation of the event. Once your reservation is confirmed, it is important that you check your emails for updates as that is our primary way of making contact with confirmed vendors and guests. If local authorities require cancellation of our events due to official orders, vendors and guests will be offered the opportunity to transfer their reservations to a later date. There are no refunds granted for COVID-19 cancellations.


Code of Conduct

Artists and Vendors are required to abide by all federal, state, and local laws, as well as the Puchicon Convention Policies & Safety Procedures and Current Covid Policies.

While Vendor Hall & Artist Alley sections will be locked or monitored by hired security, we highly encourage all vendors to take all things they consider valuable with them in between convention dates. Never leave money unattended. Puchicon is not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise or valuables that were left unattended. We recommend always to bring a helper with you, or reach to to the Vendor Manager for further assistance and support.


**More Terms and Conditions can be found and signed on the Vendor and Artist Application.

People at Local Market


Would you like to table at one of our conventions? Please submit your artist alley or Vendor Application via the application forms:



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